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If U Seek Brett Pictures: Newark, New Jersey – Updated: Lesbian?

Check out the first batch of Brett pictures in support of the If U Seek Brett Fan Project from last night’s show in Newark, New Jersey!

Pictures courtesy of BreatheHeavy readers Nick Marrero, Matthew Lage and one Anonymous! 2 of whom said they thought that girl next to Brett WAS her girlfriend.

Keep them comin’! Tell her Jordan from BreatheHeavy says HI!

UPDATE: Just received this picture / story from BreatheHeavy reader Grace. Is Brett into chicks?!


“I couldn’t get a clear shot because of the angle—but several times throughout last nights show, Brett and the girl were holding hands.

This is the girl putting her arm around Brett- how cute! She went back and forth taking off her black jacket”

UPDATE: Another fan testimonial:



In response to the lesbo posts: I started looking over the pics and now that I see it, that girl was also with Brett in LI! They were together for most of the night and they danced together for a lot. My friends and I just brished it off but now that we see all of the posts it makes sense! At one point when Brett was sitting she came over and started grinding on Brett and put her ass in her face. They also started dancing with Jamie at one point (threesome??? haha). Sorry the info is late but it all came full circle today!!!”

One more:


“Hey I was the one in the red hat that sent you the pic of me & brett. I must say Brett was standing next to me the whole night & she was nothing but sweet. She danced around & was very friendly. She took multiple pictures & that girl standing next to her was just her friend. There was 3 of them just dancing around & being very outgoing. They were all cute & I don’t believe that brett is a lesbian. I say that because when the boy dancers lifted their shirts, Brett was going crazy!”

Stay tuned…

Britney Bowls With Dancers After New Jersey Show

Check out Britney and her dancers enjoying a night out together after her performance in Newark, New Jersey Friday night, courtesy of the bitches at Britneyspears.com. Britney said:

“Went bowling with my dancers last night. We had the best time. PS- I got a strike!”

Glad she had fun! Congrats, Brit!

Click the picture above for a larger version.

The If U Seek Brett Fan Project!

You know when you wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea where you can’t think about anything else and immediately write it down before it slips away back into the deep, dark depths of your wildest imagination?

Well, that’s not the case this time, but still brill nonetheless!

I have received WAY more submissions of fans with Britney’s assistant Brett Miller (no relation) than any other person on the tour. Including Brit!


Seek out Brett at every single “Circus” show, take a picture with her and email me it at [email protected]! The best of the best will be featured on the site after every show!

Make sure you are VERY courteous and polite to her. You can talk shit later!


BBC3 Filming “Britain On Britney,” Wants Fans’ Participation

The BBC3 television network in Britain emailed BreatheHeavy a heads-up regarding a new Britney show in the works.

They want to hear from Britney’s biggest fans in Britain for a high-profile documentary to celebrate the pop princess.

Do you have a personal story about why Britney matters to you, or a Britney anecdote to share? Have you followed her career and every move? Do you know the words and dance moves to all her songs? Perhaps you model your style on Britney or you even get mistaken for her – could you work as a Britney lookalike?

Is a friend or family member a massive fan? Have they made life choices or changed their looks to be more like her?

“Whatever your age, wherever you’re from, female or male, we would love to hear from you.”

This is a chance for Britney’s biggest UK fans to take part in a unique program!

Get in touch now and you could also be joining us for a special filmed group tribute to Britney Spears this spring on March 28 in London.

Here’s how to apply:
Phone: 020 7479 4200
Email: Casting2009@renegadepictures.co.uk
Britain on Britney
Renegade Pictures
3-4 Portland Mews

Closing date: 26 March 2009

Good luck!