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Blogging Over Easy

I tried you guys. I tried all day to ignore the fact that Britney’s sort of official website is updating about the shape of eggs.

Now normally at this point in the post I’d trash the self-proclaimed “bitch” bloggers, but in an effort to become equally obnoxious regarding both sexes, the team hired a dude named Michael, the “fashion expert” bringing the latest snooze fest on clothes Britney’s never worn before.

And umm, where’s the blonde bitch been? Cause ugh, that British one is still there… OH, and thanks for the drunk dial you left me! I always thought that accent was for show!

So now that I’ve completely not made fun of the fact that Britney’s website is talking about eggs, I’ll instead bring to light the questions we’ve all been asking ourselves: Why is Perez in Britney’s tour? Why does insist on talking about anyone BUT Britney? Posting videos of Miley Cyrus, drag queens from Paris Hilton’s show or drag queens from “America’s Got Talent” is not OK just because every other update may or may not be about Britney.

I mean, if Britney actually read her own website instead of BreatheHeavy, she’d be shocked and appalled at the bullshit they represent her with.

And with their latest egg post, so goes my dreams of ever wanting to be a part of that website.

Such a hot mess. A hot, scrambled mess.

New Rumored “Circus” Tour Intro Caps

Check out what is rumored to be new stills from the intro video to Britney’s “Circus” tour. Clearly, the OP loves BreatheHeavy…

Real or fake? HOT either way!

New “Circus” Video Scenes

Check out some never-before-seen clips and new angles of the “Circus” music video in a new NBA promo. Click below to stream:

Valentine’s Day – Britney Driving Mini Cooper

OMG Britney was spotted driving without her top this afternoon!

Ok, it was the roof of her convertible Mini Cooper.

Britney, wearing red lipstick and sunglasses, was spotted driving with the roof down in her mini Cooper Saturday afternoon with a mystery man.

Hope her Valentine’s Day is romantic! Even IF Jamie has to tag along…

Click below to stream: (ps – the second half of this video, randomly, is from last week. Just ignore)