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June 23 – Britney Grabs A Starbucks

Britney was spotted grabbing a Starbucks in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon.

Britney, dressed in short-jean shorts, sunglasses and a button up tank, enjoyed a coffee before heading out.

Gas station bathrooms, Starbucks and outfit changes. ZOMG 2007???

Image: x17online.com

Britney Hangs With Backup Dancers, Reharses New Number

Britney is seen here hanging with her backup dancers after rehearsing a new number for the “Circus” tour.

The new performance piece will be revealed in Europe next month.

Image: BritneySpears.com

New Message From Britney

Britney posted a message to fans on her Twitter account, saying:

Breaking News: Britney Goes #1

Unfortunately not on the charts!

Brit was spotted at a gas station after shopping at Health Nut in desperate need of some, um… alleviation.

No, literally, she had to use the restroom so bad she darts back and forth until the door opens up!

Thankfully, Brit Brit was wearing shoes!

Click below to view (-54 seconds):

Waterfalls, anyone?

Video: x17online.com