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Temporary Restraining Order Against Sam Lutfi Still In Effect

A hearing was held at the Los Angeles Superior Court Wednesday afternoon regarding a restraining order against Sam Lutfi.

Lutfi’s sister, Christine Lutfi, 25, “testified that she met Spears on the fifth floor gym of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills on January 16,” according to Radaronline.com.

She told the court: “Britney was working out with her mother at the time. When she came to meet me inside the sauna I gave her the phone- which I told her was from Sam and Adnan [Ghalib]- she then took the phone and placed it inside a locker.”

Lutfi revealed that Britney had called on his cell phone “requesting help.”

Paparazzi website JFXonline.com posted an alleged clip of Britney asking for help in a voicemail made on January 21, 2009, at 12:29 a.m., saying:


“Hi my name’s Britney Spears. I called you earlier. I’m calling again because I just wanted to make sure that during the process of eliminating the conservatorship that my father has threatened me several times, you know, he’ll take my children away.

I just want to be guaranteed that everything will be fine with the process of you guys taking care of everything that things will stay the same as far as my custodial time. That’s it, bye”

“She said she was scared of her father and wanted a way to get a cell phone,” continued Christine Lutfi.

“She asked me if Sam could help her get a lawyer.”

Britney’s conservatorship lawyer, Joel Boxster, countered, saying “Lutfi made persistent calls. If this was a celebrity stalker, the court would not hesitate. He is a celebrity svengali. Ms. Spears wanted him arrested because of his conduct.”

Despite the new claims from Lutfi’s sister Christine, judge Aviva Bobb denied the request to remove the temporary restraining order against Lutfi.

Candie’s Photoshoot, Interview & Commercial

Check out Brittany totally not reading a script for her Candie’s interview.

And here is the Candie’s commercial which will air on TV:

PLUS, more promo shots!

None of the material above is copyrighted by Britney Spears. Photos by Mark Liddell.

Attorney: Britney Living “in Prison,” Wants Out From Daddy’s Control

“Does Britney Spears want out from under her daddy’s thumb?

That was the big storyline today as a Los Angeles court heard testimony on whether to extend the restraining orders barring former manager/sidekick Sam Lutfi and other hangers-on from having contact with the “Toxic” singer.

Attorney John Anderson took the stand this morning and told Superior Court Commissioner Aviva K. Bobb that he was asked to represent the pop star in a battle to free her from the conservatorship controlled by her father, Jamie Spears.

“A person who purported to be Lutfi told me that all of Britney Spears’ phone rights were cut off,” he said, adding that he was also told that the mother of two was under tight control by her father and virtually “in prison.”

Anderson testified that he drew up papers to be retained as counsel and in turn received copies back allegedly signed by Spears herself.

He said he was made aware that another court-appointed attorney had already been assigned to Spears, but was told the singer was “not confident” in the other legal eagle’s abilities and wanted to hire a new representative in the courtroom.

Eventually, Anderson told the court, he did contact the attorneys representing Spears’ conservatorship, who dissuaded him from attempting to further pursue working for the star.

Anderson said he voluntarily ended his involvement in the Spears legal debacle on Jan. 28 of this year, after learning Jamie Spears and the conservatorship were getting temporary restraining orders against Lutfi, former Britney boyfriend Adnan Ghalib and Eardley.

The orders were obtained Jan. 30. During his testimony in February, Jamie Spears said he had evidence the trio was trying to undermine the conservatorship, and he labeled ostensible mastermind Lutfi a “predator.”

For his part, Lutfi has filed suit against the Spearses – Britney, for unpaid management fees, and Jamie and Lynn for slander as well as a host of other grievances.

Last month, Bobb extended the restraining order against Ghalib to three years after the former paparazzo failed to show at any of his three previous hearings on the matter. Today’s hearing will help the commissioner determine whether to do likewise for Lutfi and Eardley.”

Source: Eonline.com
Image: x17online.com

New Rats Mag

Brittany is featured on the latest issue of Rats Star magazine.

The mag decided to steal my exclusive and report on Brit’s crush, Chase Benz, a backup dancer on the Carnival Tour.

“Brit really loves the way Chase looks, and she has a thing for Southern boys with loads of charm,” says a source. “She’s totally into him. And being on tour again, plus having a sexy new guy to get close to, has put Brit in a great frame of mind.”

Chase is a good guy, his grandmother tells Star. “He’s a true gentleman and has a big heart,” Elsie Mann says of Chase.

“She’s lucky to have him in her show – and Chase just adores her!”

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