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Britney Says A Prayer Before NTV Performance In Japan

Time to play nice.

Check out these new, behind-the-scenes pictures of Britney backstage before her NTV Best Artist 2008 performance in Japan, courtesy of the bitches at britneyspears.com. I mean, who cares if the pix are old! Britney is gorgeous! And I’m digging the prayer before the performance pics. I feel like Britney’s assistant Brett is 1/2 praying for a good performance, 1/2 praying to God she still has her job. Click below to view:

“Circus” Album Expected To Slide to #4 This Week

Circus sales are expected to take a slight dip this week.

According to estimates from Hitsdailydouble, Britney will reportedly slide down to the #4 spot selling 175-190k, with Jamie Foxx coming in at #3 (230-245k) and Keyshia Cole at #2 (300-315k). Taylor Swift is expected to remain in the #1 spot, selling around 340-355k.

Thank you shitty economy. But remaining in the top 5 is still awesome! Silver linings!

Not So Blind Item

Which “Britney” site is officially promoting themselves and their personal endeavors more than the site name?

Hint: Their clouds are a lot nicer than mine.

- Jordan, Not Britney’s Bitch

December 18 – Sean & Jayden Go For A Checkup

Pepaw Jamie and the nanny took Preston and Jayden out for a checkup today at a medical center in Tarzana, California earlier this afternoon.

The boys look like they’re doing well, Jamie looks tired, and the nanny is all tricked out in her new Ed Hardy apparel; must be nice! Yes, that’s all the judgment I shall pass for today. ~~OoOoOo I’m so negative~~

Hope the boys’ checkup went well!

Source: x17online.com