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Get Brit’s Ride: Silver Mitsubishis!

Brit’s been seen driving around in a $ilver MIT$UBI$HI car lately. She drove it on the way home from rehearsals at Center Staging in Hollywood recently.

You can get a similar car for an affordable price. With alligator interior!


Ha ha he he ha ha ho


“You can’t really go there in a complete state of happiness because you’re scared that it’s going to be taken away. It’s better just not to feel anything at all and to have hope then feel the other way.”

- Britney Spears, For The Record

With all the buzz over Britney’s new single “If U See(k) Amy,” I began to wonder why it’s been making headlines. The Max Martin (“Baby One More Time”) produced track oozes naughty innuendos and obvious sexual undertones:


“Love me, hate me
Say what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If U Seek Amy”

Seems to me all the fuss is not because of originality, rather because Britney spells out “fuck me.” Have we mistaken Britney, a 27 year old mother-of-two, for a sex-craved clubber looking for her next bi-sexual threesome? Is this where her management wants to take her carefully calculated and micro-managed career?

Sure, we can all sing along to “Amy” and pretend like Britney’s personal life is dandy – seems to work for a lot of you – but should they mirror this false sense of assurance in her work? Why not portray an accurate reflection of Britney’s life in her career instead of hiding the truth with fancy pyrotechnics, jumbled choreography and fluff updates from her official site. Her career, in my opinion, is beginning to lose the artistic expression, and is instead focusing on accomplishing #1s and profits.

The Bloodshy & Avant produced track, “Unusual You,” a track about falling in love yet expecting to be heartbroken, only to find out that’s not the case, is a reoccurring theme in Britney’s personal life. Sadly, efforts in making “UU” the third single failed (though I am hearing from reliable sources that this track IS being heavily considered for the 4th single per fans’ request). So is it too soon to consider a possible single #5? Never.

Much like “Unusual You,” The Underdogs produced-track, “Mannequin,” eerily and accurately illustrates an emotionless, un-phased Britney that lets no feeling, good or bad, get the best of her – a Britney that is unimpressed with control, fancy clothes & makeup, or rules – far from the Britney we see who is currently hidden under a guise of authority and restriction.


I cannot help myself, I’m just doin’ what I do
Help myself to anything that I want so thank you
I like it and I do what I like and you do what I like and you like it

You told me you’re lonely
Can’t hear you. Can’t feel you
I’m frozen. I’m posin’
There’s no way. You move me
Watch me. Dress me
Can’t impress me
I’m not changing

Baby, baby, I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t…
You can cry again
My face like a mannequin

Britney was filmed last summer rehearsing to the track; a rehearsal that shows a clear difference between her European and Good Morning America performances.

“Mannequin,” albeit overly-produced and manipulated, is one of the only tracks off Circus that is personal yet relatable aside from “Unusual You” and the Danja produced track “Blur.” “Womanizer” was to get the (don’t call it a comeback) comeback started, while “Circus” was the obvious, boring second single. And “If U Seek Amy?” A predictably controversial club-banger with no real substance besides what’s left in bed after all of the boys and all of the girls seeked Amy. We might see a new Britney professionally; one that’s vulnerable and human. Not the overly-managed, caged-cash-cow she’s once again been forcibly subjected to become.

It’s time to get a little darker. It’s time for some depth. It’s time for some creativity.

“When I tell them the way I feel it’s like they hear me but they’re really not listening. They’re hearing what they want to hear they’re not really listening to what I’m telling them.”

Scream your lungs out.

Britney Takes #2 Spot On UWC, Beyonce #1

Britney is no longer the United World Chart champion.

After placing #1 for 4 consecutive weeks, Britney’s Circus slides down to #2, just behind Beyonce’s “I Am… Sasha Fierce,” selling 8,000 more copies than Britney.

Additionally, Britney’s “Circus” single has placed #10 on the United World Chart’s top tracks chart, selling 192,000 copies, while “Womanizer” still kicks ass placing at #5 with 249,000 copies sold.

And according to the weekend estimates at, Britney is only expected to sell around 25-30,000 copies this week.

And ugh, I actually like Beyonce’s new song “Diva…”

Britney Reportedly Annoys Staff At Peninsula Hotel

Technically that photo is of Britney at the Montage Hotel, but for the purpose of this story we’ll pretend it’s the Peninsula. Moving on…

According to new reports, Britney has left the staff at the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angeles frustrated.

Britney, who “recently spent several nights” at the posh hotel, has reportedly been “really demanding,” says one employee grumbles in this week’s edition of The National Enquirer (shutup).

“She always wants specific tables, and when someone is sitting where she wants to be, she kicks them out of their seats. And she doesn’t tip well!”

UM, newsflash: Britney Spears gets what Britney Spears wants (except her freedom). If she wants warm towels and champagne, god dammit she should get it!

Fortunately, Brit’s publicist (she has one?) stepped in to clear this little rumor up, saying: “These reports are completely false. Britney could not be more genial to the staff at the Peninsula.”

How about her publicist release a statement on something that matters for once? No, I’m not bitter.