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Fan Sighting: Britney Shopping At Rite Aid

Archival photo

BreatheHeavy reader Walter P. emailed in about an apparent Britney sighting / experience this evening around 6pm at a Rite Aid in Studio City on Ventura Blvd. & Vineland St., saying:

“She was buying xmas wrapping paper, toys, and even a sesame street baby toilet (the kind that go over the real toilets). She was going to buy some Danish cookies but decided not to get them. Some lady actually asked her “Are you Britney Spears?” and she just said “yeah.” She looked very tired/paranoid/and sort of sedated.

She left in her white BMW with about 10 bags full of merchandise in the trunk, and she drove her own car! It was nice seeing that she is being given more freedom now, although she was with some guy that looked like a security type.”

Looks like even Brit is feeling the recession by shopping at Rite Aid. Thumbs up for her driving by herself!

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned…

Simon Cowell & Russell Brand Want Britney

The Brits love Brit! How cheesy did that sound? Maybe if I keep writing like that I can ~fit in~ with the latest batch of Britney sites. Wine please!

According to, X-Factor judge wants Britney to appear on his other hit show American Idol.

“I would love to see her mentor the contestants,” Cowell said. “If she doesn’t want to do that, but wants to perform on the [American Idol] show – I would welcome that at any time. She would, literally, be first on the list, as far as I’m concerned in any capacity. (She) was a riot. I loved it.”

I bet he’d love it! Britney’s X-Factor performance 2 weeks ago was the highest rated X-Factor show they ever had!

“The buzz we had on our show (The X Factor) was extraordinary. And even with all that stuff that’s gone on with her the past two years, there was more excitement and interest in her than I’ve seen in anyone in years. She would be very, very welcome.”

I think it’s awesome Britney is getting back out there and performing, BUT (yes, there’s a but) I’m kind of over these television performances. I’m thinking a cool sit-down interview with Letterman or Leno would be amazing promotion. That is, if she’s up for it.

Just wondering…

Speaking of stale British accents (could say something mean right here. I’ll refrain. For now), comedian Russell Brand still wants a piece of Britney!

According to, Brand seemed pretty excited last night at the L.A. premiere of Bedtime Stories when hearing of Britney’s currently single relationship status:


“She’s looking for a boyfriend now? I’m going now! Is she here? I’m just gonna be quick,” he joked to reporters as he pretended to run off the red carpet. “There’s not a moment to lose!”

Britney and Russell reportedly went on a date back in mid-September after the VMAs according to the Daily Mail, saying the two “enjoyed an intimate dinner at Hollywood’s Little Red Door restaurant, where they arrived and left separately in an apparent effort to avoid being photographed together.”

An inside source has exclusively revealed otherwise to, saying the two were and are “just friends.”

I’m going to say pass on both Cowell and Brand’s invitations. In fact, I’d probably take it to the next level and tell Britney to say “fuck that” to both, but A.) I don’t curse and B.) I don’t like exaggeration at all.

OH and C.) I lied.

“Unusual You” for single #3!

PS – Britney is officially not dating Benji Madden despite recent reports.

Britney Says A Prayer Before NTV Performance In Japan

Time to play nice.

Check out these new, behind-the-scenes pictures of Britney backstage before her NTV Best Artist 2008 performance in Japan, courtesy of the bitches at I mean, who cares if the pix are old! Britney is gorgeous! And I’m digging the prayer before the performance pics. I feel like Britney’s assistant Brett is 1/2 praying for a good performance, 1/2 praying to God she still has her job. Click below to view:

“Circus” Album Expected To Slide to #4 This Week

Circus sales are expected to take a slight dip this week.

According to estimates from Hitsdailydouble, Britney will reportedly slide down to the #4 spot selling 175-190k, with Jamie Foxx coming in at #3 (230-245k) and Keyshia Cole at #2 (300-315k). Taylor Swift is expected to remain in the #1 spot, selling around 340-355k.

Thank you shitty economy. But remaining in the top 5 is still awesome! Silver linings!