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December 21 – Britney Arriving To The Alley Cat Dance Studios

Britney is seen here in good spirits heading to the Alley Cat dance studio in Hollywood yesterday afternoon for tour casting auditions. Britney’s lead choreographer and tour director have reportedly quit, with Jamie King being named the new tour director as of this afternoon. The woman with Britney is rumored to be her makeup artist. AND, she’s driving! Now, get on the 15 N and don’t look back! Click to stream:


Jamie King Named Tour Director, Simon Ellis Signed On As Musical Director

It’s official! Jamie King will be directing Britney’s “The Circus Starring Britney Spears” tour according to the McDonald Selznick Associates!

The MSA Agency, who represents Jamie King, posted a congratulatory note on their website, saying:


“Britney’s back and going on tour to promote her new album Circus! Congratulations to Jamie King who will be the tour’s director. Simon Ellis will be the Musical Director for the tour.”

Jamie King has directed / choreographed countless world tours including Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet Tour,” Christina Aguilera’s “Back To Basics” tour, and Britney’s “Oops!… I Did It Again” tour (full list here.)

Simon Ellis has been named the tour’s musical director by MSA. Ellis has worked on S Club 7 & The Spice Girls’ tours as musical director / keyboard player, and has been described as a “Genius” by Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol and Pop Idol.

MSA is the global leader in worldwide representation of choreographers and dancers, and represent some of the finest stage directors and production designers in the business: “We furnish talent for feature films and television, music videos and tours, Broadway shows, corporate events, Las Vegas spectaculars, commercials, and more,” says the agency on their website. “Whatever the genre – or the scale – or the venue, we get it right. MSA is the entertainment industry’s one-stop shop for dance.”

Wade Robson, the original director for the Circus tour, has reportedly quit, along with lead choreographer Andre Fuentes. No word on why the shake-up behind-the-scenes has ensued, but an inside source has revealed to that Wade has “had it.”

Called it. Stay tuned…

Britney Will Spend New Year’s Eve At Home With The Boys

Home for the holidays!

Despite reports claiming Britney will be taking the stage at the Palms on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas this year, Britney will in fact be at home with her two sons Sean Preston & Jayden James for the celebration.

According to Britney will spend time with the boys on New Year’s Eve while Kevin parties it up in Las Vegas with new girlfriend Victoria Prince, a pro-volleyball player.

A source close to Britney and Kevin told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Kevin has been getting on much better with Britney recently, so he didn’t want to risk setting their relationship back by mentioning Victoria.

“And he knows she’s desperate to see the boys over Christmas, so he’s letting her visit them at his home over the festive period.

“He then added she could have them on New Year’s Eve, as if it was a great favor.”

Score! Hopefully she gets them for Christmas too – God knows those boys don’t need high daddy and his new whore girlfriend tagging along for that either.

Happy for you, Brit!

“Circus” Single Front & Back

This is probably a little late, but, I feel like I haven’t updated about the album she just released for days! We all like our daily gossip of who she’s allegedly dating and where she went shopping, but dammit I’m not giving up on the music, swear!

So check out the back of the single cover for the “Circus” single. Why didn’t they have this style for the main CD?! Jive seems to always get things ass-backwards. Scan courtesy of BreatheHeavy member issa. Click below to view: