Olympic Champion Simone Biles Stars In Jake Miller’s “Overnight” Music Video


Simone Biles goes for the gold in Jake Miller's new music video for "Overnight."

Miller is an emerging male pop star that's giving Nick Jonas and Shawn Mendes a run for their money, especially with smooth tunes like "Overnight," which gets a proper video treatment starring Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles.

In the clip, Miller and Biles are enthralled in love with one another, but when apart they're dreaming of what once was. Their relationship went up in flames, but Miller promises “baby, we can fix it overnight.” He sings this while rotating on a circular bed and flexing his biceps, and we thank him for that.

Miller tells People he was super nervous filming the video. “Her mom was on set watching, and I wanted to make sure she didn’t feel awkward,” he says. “I kept asking her if she’s okay with all of the close shots between me and Simone. At one point I messed with her and said, ‘Okay, cool, the make out scene is next.’ Her mom is just as cool as she is!”


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