Oh Hell No. Justin Timberlake Says Having A Vegas Residency “Feels Like You’re Planning Your Retirement”


  • @brocklovesgreys

    Okay, but it is somewhat understandable. Vegas has been a place in the past for retired or soon-to-be retired artists. Has that changed in recent years? Yes. But there’s still something to say about an artist coming to you, instead of you traveling to them. Don’t get me wrong, Vegas is great. But I feel like an artist should make an effort to reach their fans around the country and the world by coming to them. Just my opinion. No hate on Vegas. I love that city and the music that comes with it. But it kind of seems like a bit of a cop out for artists who are tired or burned out. Which maybe isn’t a bad thing either. If they’ve toured around the world for years, they deserve to have it easy. I’m rambling now.

    • Anna

      Lol Britney is definitely burned out

  • It’s funny to hear someone talk like he’s forward thinking…. I wouldn’t expect someone who still works with Timbaland EVERY cycle to understand the value of Vegas.

  • Amaranthus63

    LOL at the way people are making so much of Zane actually saying those words and Justin just using them afterwards. He also said he would consider one in the future if he could figure out the way that was right for him. Stop making something out of nothing.

  • Mickie’sNumber1fan

    His wack self might need to do one soon at this point of his career. Don’t nobody care about him anymore and he sure would fit a Vegas residency. Don’t come for our Queens Gaga and Britney

  • Leo Lane

    Well thanks to your bad new music, we will be seeing you there soon!

  • sexnando

    i’m not gonna act like we have not been saying this same words for years, but he should be careful considering the position he is in and who he is shading… He keeps attacking the Queen, on purpose or not. Pussyfied indeed.

  • joe 🌐

    britney is worth more than him and his wife combined lol

    • Michael Jefferson

      Not combined lol #dead #lol

    • Automaton

      I can’t stand him but what does that have to do with anything?

  • Fabricio Vargas


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