Normani Kordei Quits Twitter Following Racial Attacks


Normani Kordei says she's taking a break from Twitter after anonymous trolls attacked her for being black.

Kordei defended her stance on Fifth Harmony, namely Camila Cabello, after Harmonizers found one of her recent interviews a little suspect. The pop star went on the record to clarify the drama that Twitter stirred up is baseless and she wanted Harmonizers to know it's all love.

This was the seed for Twitter trolls to water with their disgusting stance on race, forcing the singer to leave Twitter and providing yet another example how much further the nation has to go in terms of racial equality.

"I am taking a break from Twitter for now."

“Over the past four years of being in the public eye I’ve learned to grow a thick skin to critics and those who may not like me,” Kordei said. “I’ve never been one to deny anyone of their opinions, but…I’ve been racially cyberbullied with tweets and pictures so horrific and racially charged that I can’t subject myself any longer to the hate.”

One of the pictures in question had Kordei's face Photoshopped onto a black woman being lynched.

She added: “I’m not the first black female celebrity to deal with this and I’m sure I won’t be the last,” she added. “I want to take this moment to say Love goes much further than hate in this world. Hiding behind a computer and putting people down, especially for the color of their skin doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a coward!”

Read her full message here:

Every member of Fifth Harmony responded.

“I am very sad to see my sister and her family hurt,” Ally Brooke said.

“Normani is like a sister to me and when I saw her mother crying because of things people were saying about her daughter and I found out what exactly it was that was disturbing her…I was appalled,” wrote Lauren Jauregui.

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