Nicole Scherzinger May Or May Not Be Joining The Black Eyed Peas

Nicole Scherzinger

  • Nico

    Nothing good can come from such indecisive and volatile comments (both from BEP and PCD).
    And the Peas, especially, should be paying more respect to Fergie. I don’t care who the creators, owners or whatever of the group are; to me, the most appealing figure from the Black Eyes Peas has always being Fergie, and there’s no way they can’t acknowledge that.

  • Marc

    HELL NO! Stay away from BEP and Flop.I.Am. BEP used to be great, and then became amazing with Fergie, but then all of them sold out when they went super electro-mainstream (thanks to He screwed over BEP, and he screwed over Britney’s BJ album. Nicole deserves better, she’s so talented and can never seem to catch a break with all these bad record deals she keeps getting into. I think PCD is what she needs right now if she can’t get on a better label that’ll support her.

  • Azaria Paris Magee

    Let’s be honest, Fergie left to be a solo artist and mother. Working with a band can be tough for a mother, it’s hard to commit to things and make plans. There may have been tensions in the band, which is implied by how he basically never seems to mention her and has basically dropped her from “the family”. Adding Nicole is fine but the shady comments from make him less likable than he already is. They couldn’t do it without Fergie before so I don’t know why he thinks they’ll be fine without her now.


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