Nick Jonas: I’ve Had A Lot Sex And Drinks


Everybody wants a taste.

On stage, he’s a finely-tuned, manicured pop star machine. Off the grid, he’s everything we fantasized about – a sex-crazed lush. Our favorite.

To promote his role in the new paternity drama titled Goat that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival last Friday, Jonas used a few trigger words he knew would make the rounds on the blogosphere. He says he pulls from life experiences to play his character in the movie and the gay MMA fighter on Kingdom.

“I think that growth is super important in any creative platform and in life in general, and in the TV show I’m doing a lot of drugs and I’m having a lot of sex, so it wasn’t foreign to me,” Nick told Deadline. “And I’ve had sex and drank a lot [in real life], so there are parts of this film that are perfectly real in some sense.”

Now, here’s a random gallery of Nick Jonas looking sexy, because you know you wanna.

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