New OK! & Star Magazine Scans

You guys BETTER check these out.

I avoided scanning these magazines literally all week - I can't stand it. So today, I promised myself I'd do it. I walk up to the scanner, stared for 30 seconds, turned around, and crawled in bed for a 45 minute nap.

IRREGARDLESS, the magazines have been scanned anyway. Cause I love you bbs.

OK! Magazine:
Britney is featured in this last week's issue of OK! Magazine.

"Jamie's idea of controling his uncontrollable daughter is to control the people around her," a source tells OK!

"The dancers aren't even allowed to address her during rehearsal breaks."

Blah blah blah. Click below to view:

Star Magazine:
The latest Star magazine details the Britney-Sam-Adnan restraining order situation.

"At first, she was thrilled at the thought of communicating with them and going against her dad, whose control had left her powerless and bored.

'They were sneaky with Britney because they know she loves the rush of it.'

"But now, even though Britney has left L.A. on her world tour, she is worried that Sam and Adnan can get to her - and the thought of that has left her afraid to take the stage every night."

Click below to view: