New K-Fed: “Grape Soda”

In an effort to try and get as many people to hear this shit as possible during Britney's very successful several weeks, Kevin is releasing a new song titled Grape Soda, a song off his upcoming album. Yes, you read that right: there's a new K-fed song because he's coming out with a new album. Fuck. My. Life.

Someone remind Kevin that while he was WITH Britney he only sold 5,000 copies of his first CD Playing With Fire. Now that those 5 thousand pity purchases are on team Britney, what will he do?

Enjoy this hot mess - and feel free to destroy it in the comments section!

UPDATE: Apparently this song is NOT Kevin Federline and is, in fact, a parody created by radio station KROQ. Let's still pretend it's Kevin and make fun of him anyway... K?