Nelly Furtado Finally Releases “Feel So Close” Acoustic Cover


After several years, Nelly Furtado decided to plot her Calvin Harris re-working of "Feel So Close" onto Spotify.

Furtado first performed the song on SiriusXM's Hits 1 show in 2012, so it's interesting timing for her to decide to release a studio version of it now. We're not insinuating she's using Harris' extensive media coverage surrounding his breakup with Taylor Swift (and subsequent partying aftermath) as a means to promote the song, but the timing is rather suspect.

Furtado posted on Facebook:

I originally did a live version of this Calvin Harris' cover FEEL SO CLOSE at a radio station in 2012 which was posted on YOUTUBE.

I decided recently to record my own version in the studio and post it exclusively on SPOTIFY so that music fans can enjoy streaming it. I chose SPOTIFY for this as they are very artist friendly and compensate musicians well for their art. I know some people have been using this as a "first dance" wedding song, and summer is here, so enjoy!

Listen here and watch her 2012 stint below that:

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