Missy Elliott Hits The Studio With Pharrell

Taking to Twitter last night, Missy posted a picture of the two stars in the studio:

This is bound to be good news. Although Pharrell is undoubtedly suffering from a touch of overexposure right now as a go to songwriter for a bunch of high-profile artists, history suggests a Missy collab would be a roaring success.

The Neptunes produced "On & On" from Missy's 'The Cookbook', a criminally underrated cut from Elliott's extensive discography which marks the last (and only) time the two superstars hooked up in the studio, although they did take the stage at last year's BET Awards for a mash-up of "Come and Get It Bae" and "Pass That Dutch".

Hopefully a 2015 collaboration between the pair would spell some of the same hip-hop magic as 2005's "On & On" rather than a variation on the same slightly-tired formula Williams has been applying to his recent production efforts. No one's here for Missy's variation on "Spark The Fire", principally I suppose because no one was here for "Spark The Fire" in the first place.

What do you think? Missy and Pharrell: can they work it?