Missing Track “Donni Hotwheel Megamix” On ‘3’ Single

November 18 2009, 12:23 am


Blog Poponandon.com got their hands on "The Singles Collection" Deluxe boxset, and to their surprise there's supposed to be a new megamix on it titled 'Donni Hotwheel Megamix!'

Unfortunately, to their dismay, the song is NOT on the CD.


Turns out Track 2 IS the Groove Police Remix, and Track 1 is as expected the album version! Now that this issue was solved, we wanted to know where the hell is the Donni Hotwheel Megamix!!?? Opened the folder to the CD single, hoping it was some sort of super hidden track, but NOTHING! JUST A BIG BIG MISPRINT!!

So where is this hidden megamix?!

First one to find it wins The Singles Collection boxset from me! And by The Singles Collection boxset I mean a high-five!

HUGE screwup on JIVE's part!