Miley Cyrus Releasing New Music Soon With Rock Band Stepfather


Miley Cyrus isn't done rocking out.

After Cyrus hosted the Video Music Awards last summer, she announced her new album, Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz, was available to stream for free via SoundCloud. From there, a new Cyrus was born – the tongue wagging pop-starlet-turned-rocker-chick shared artsy bizarre visuals which involved glops of glitter rushing down her baby face to accompany the new music. It was a sound from Cyrus her Smilerz weren't quite ready for, but now that they've had a year to digest Miley 3.0, her new collaboration with rock duo Stepfather might go down easier.

The band teased a photo of Cyrus and said:

Been off the grid with Miley and Jesse working on new tunes! Thanks to anyone still hanging around 🍻 new jams soon!!!

Naturally, her fans bombarded the group with questions, and a little light was shed on the project. Stepfather responded to a question from a fan asking for more information. They said they co-wrote a song together that they plan on releasing in several weeks, as well as new music for her next LP.

Here's Stepfather's 2015 single "Thank You."

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