Miley Cyrus Ran Away From Halsey At The iHeartRadio Music Awards

Every single night, and every single day, I'mma do my thang.

During a brief encounter at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday (March 5), Halsey greeted Miley Cyrus with open arms. Miley responded with a nano-hug (and back pat, body language for 'stay in your lane'). Before the "Closer" singer could get in a word edgewise, Miley pointed at someone and ran.

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Ahh, the classic 'oh I've been looking for someone and I gotta catch up to them before they leave' move.

This might be better then when Miley got out of an awkward embrace with Demi Lovato at the Women's March by saying she had to pee.

Watch the moment unfold below.

OK, to be fair... Miley is the one that came in like a wrecking ball before the swift exit, but the move was still pretty slick.

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