Miley Cyrus And Katy Perry Encourage Millennials To Vote By Showing Up Unannounced At Their Dorms


Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry are using their star power to help Hillary Clinton win the Presidential election.

Early voting is already underway, and election day is just around the corner. Donald Trump could potentially be the President of the United States if we don't exercise one our strongest civil liberties and vote for Hillary Clinton. Cyrus and Perry are making the rounds on college campuses to help ensure that doesn't happen by showing up at college kids' dorm rooms and discussing the importance of voting.

In a few clips to surface of the ordeal, Cyrus is seen pounding down one unsuspecting student's door at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, on Saturday (Oct. 22) and jokingly yelling: 'YOU'RE IN TROUBLE.'

“Your room is so cute!” she told another student. “Sorry to come in with all these people. They’re awesome people also excited for Hillary. Are you registered to vote? Are you voting here or are you from out of town? … I’m from Nashville but I actually just re-registered because I’m so excited to go on the day because I want the sticker.”

Check it out:

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Katy Perry, wearing a "nasty woman" T-shirt, was also up to similar dorm shenanigans at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where the third and final Presidential debate was held.

“We’re out here campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Ever heard of her?” she told a group of young women after they invited her and a crowd of reporters into their dorm room, Fortune reports. “Because there’s no other alternative. We need our issues heard, we need our bodies taken care of, we need all that choice.” Watch her speech at the University and surprise antics below:

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