This Might Be Britney’s Secret Project

  • Y’vonne Matthews

    I hope she scrapes the whole piece of me show all together and come up with a whole new set! I’m tired of seeing the same routine over and over and feel Britney is getting sick of it to. She needs new and exciting things happening! I love her although so anything I can get from her I will take! Can’t wait for her to slay Mariah and the world on the Dick Clark special❤🍸

  • Marc

    I don’t think this is a revamped Intimates Collection… they look like they can possibly be new costumes for the tour or whatever the next set of performances is going to be?

    • L.a. Hajduk

      This is what I’m thinking. But then again… denial is not just a river lol. I’m leaning on wishful thinking that this is a stage costume *prays to GodNey*

      Wouldn’t be crazy if she went tooooootally against our guessing and on NYE announced “BTW, I’m taking Glory on a world tour!”… More wishful thinking lol

  • wastedideas

    The collective face of the gays when she reveals lingerie or new perfumes… 🙃

    • singletear

      don’t laugh at my pain LOL


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