Merry Christmas! Three Lana Del Rey Demos Surface

Previously recorded demos by Lana Del Rey, including "Be My Daddy," "Fine China" and "Yes To Heaven" made their way online.

There wasn't an artist throughout 2016 who suffered more song leaks than Lana Del Rey, and she's rounding out the year with a couple more.

"Be My Daddy"

The track, co-produced and written with John Frederick Fortis, kicks off with a jazzy piano, but quickly transforms into something retro thanks to her sassy vocals backed by an electric guitar.

You can be my daddy tonight, night, night.
I'm neon phosphorescent,
Open like a Christmas present, ah.
You can be my daddy tonight, night, night.
If you're seeking heaven,
Then you wanna come and get it, get it.

"Fine China"

Accompanied by only a somber piano, Lana sings about the deterioration of a formal union between her and a lover. The song, which was co-produced and written with Rick Nowels, was originally slated for 2013's Ultraviolence.

I wore diamonds for the birth of your baby
For the birth of your son
On the same day my husband to be
Packed his things to run

"Yes To Heaven"

Even dreamier than "Fine China" is "Yes To Heaven." Haunting echoes surround Lana's delicate vocals as she sings about spending eternity with someone. It was also co-produced and written with Rick Nowels and recorded for Ultraviolence.

If you dance I'll dance,
I'll put my red dress on again.
And if you fight I'll fight,
It doesn't matter now it's all gone.

Merry Christmas!

As per the request of the 11 yr olds

A video posted by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on

A video posted by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on

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