Melody Thornton On A Pussycat Dolls Reunion: It Depends

Pussycat Dolls
  • Joel

    Melody, to me, always felt entitled that if she couldn’t try and outshine Nicole then she wasn’t happy. Most of her “runs” were annoying, and I was not impressed with her as a Doll.

    • Thomas E

      really ? i really liked her runs, I used to replay them… on their second album, the girls all have one solo song and I found hers to be totally decent sounding and very good. what don’t you like in her voice ? speaking of entitlement, when nicole says” until i make it happen, it doesn’t happen”, that’s not bad too lol

    • Marc

      Omg glad I’m not the only one who thought that. She was actually the most annoying doll in my opinion. She couldn’t even dance, let alone belt. Nicole was the most talented one, which is why she was the leader. When they all had solo tracks on their latest album, I didn’t enjoy any of them tbh, but together they sound good (minus Melody… I don’t really care if she doesn’t come back).

  • K’man

    It’s seems like she’s coming from “are we all going to sing” then I’m in! or “am I just you background dancer/singer with a turn off microphone” because I’m not. That’s how I took it. If the dolls do reunite I would want all them all to sing!


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