Melanie Martinez Drops New Song “Piggyback” In Response To Rape Accusations

Melanie Martinez

  • Nico

    Oh my….. This sounds absolutely gorgeous….. Masterpiece.
    The lyrics, though… The idea of “I was so good and naive and you broke me and now I know better and wish you the best” sounds way too one-sided… Relationships aren’t like that, people should share the blame for whatever problem there is between them. But wait, Melanie is only 22?? Shit, not trying to be condescending but she’s a baby really….. She’ll learn how to handle relationships eventually. She’s crazy talented at music though!

  • Dar-Dar Hardin

    I see that you didn’t read Melanie’s full statement where she states, “She never said no to what we chose to do together.” That caused the backlash, because people didn’t pay attention to it all. They just made a wrongful inference from the first four words in that one sentence; however, if they (and you, since you made the same mistake) continue reading, she says, “to what WE CHOSE to do TOGETHER”. I hope you’ve been enlightened and know now to read everything and use it ALL to make your assumptions.


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