Meet & Greets With DNCE Look Like A Miserable Assembly Line

September 9 2016, 12:34 pm



Fresh off the heels of their VMA win for Best New Artist (despite Joe Jonas having been famous for 10+ years), the band is currently touring Mexico to promote their recent EP SWAAY. During a stop at the Plaza Patria, DNCE begrudgingly participated in meet and greets, and it’s hard to watch.

Girls were whisked in and out within seconds and literally manhandled by the group’s security if they dared lean in to kiss the frontman on the cheek. The rest of the band doesn’t even acknowledge their presence. Not cool.

Playing devil’s advocate, artists are on edge after singer Christina Grimmie was shot to death during a meet and greet following a show in Orlando back in June. Boundaries are a must, but this just comes off arrogant.

Now, here’s a video of Joe doing pull-ups. Just cause.

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