Maroon 5 Are Pokemon On The Go In The “Don’t Wanna Know” Video


Maroon 5 just wants to have a good time, and shine, you know?

Upon first listen to the band's Wiz Khalifa-assisted song "Don't Wanna Know," I pictured a beach-themed visual with frontman Adam Levine walking in the sand wearing off-white pants and an aloha shirt staring off into the sunset recalling a lost love. Not this. But this is far better.

Instead, the video shows off Maroon 5's comical side as silly Pokemon-inspired lovable "roly poly" characters on the run. It also stars Sarah Silverman (Levine's Pokegirlfriend), The Hangover‘s, Ed Helms and Vince Vaughn.

It's an entertaining video to say the least. The only thing missing is a high Wiz Khalifa dressed up with 'em.


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