Marina and the Diamonds Performs “Forget” on GMA

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There doesn't seem to be much concern for singles this time around, so it makes sense that Marina would perform "Forget" - one of the catchiest and most infectious moments from 'Froot'. Marina rarely disappoints vocally, and this performance was no exception. The "Obsessions" star's voice has always shone best when the production and presentation is kept simple, so it's good to see her fronting a band this time around, rather than revisiting some of the over-wrought choreography we saw during the 'Electra Heart' era. Also that giggle as she says "tortoise" at 03:44? So cute.

Marina looked stunning and gave a mini-interview to kick the segment off during which she explained for what feels like the 700th time that 'the Diamonds' are her fans and not her band, making ABC's description of her on their website as an 'indie band' even more baffling.

Hopefully this is the first of many promotional performances from Marina because she reminded us today that she's one of the best live acts the industry has to offer right now.

What do you think of Marina's performance of "Forget"?