Marina And The Diamonds Is Back In The Recording Studio


Marina And The Diamonds has remained relatively quiet throughout most of 2016, but it's because the pop star is working on a followup to 2015's pop opus Froot.

The last time we heard from Marina was in March when she and Charli XCX duked it out over the styling of a photoshoot, and before that the Welsh singer-songwriter opened up about her about her ascent into music as an indie artist before experiencing mainstream success to students at the University Of Oxford.

Needless to say, we've missed her.

"The reason I wanted to be a pop artist was not because of imagery or money or any of those types of things," she said in that sit-down. "It was because I felt that songwriting was the only thing that made me feel at peace and really happy."

That's why she's smiling ear-to-ear, because she's currently crafting new tunes for a project we'd expect to drop some time next year. +1 for the "sex" shirt.

If you're interested in that Oxford chat I mentioned above, watch below. Grab a cup of coffee first though, it's an hour long.

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