Mariah Carey Walks Off Stage After Lip Sync Fails

February 1 2015, 1:50 pm

Looking like she could cry at any given moment, Mariah smiled and twirled around the stage bizarrely trying to hide her embarrassment from the angry crowd but continued to noticeably miss her cues and didn't manage to save it. Unfortunately, it wasn't any better when she wasn't lip syncing as she was even out of breath performing the Ke$ha-capable verses of 2008's "Touch My Body."

After a costume change she returned to perform "We Belong Together" and it didn't start off too bad - she sounded a little shaky but much stronger than before - but she walked off the stage as her 2005 voice took over at the song's climax. The entire set was beyond messy, frankly it was a disaster and not what an artist of her caliber should be delivering.

Mariah's iconic voice is what the world first fell in love with and undoubtedly the reason why she is considered a legend. While Madonna provoked with sex and Janet entertained with dance, Mariah's voice was all she ever needed to steal the show and that's why it's so sad to see her struggle as her voice leaves her.

It's unsettling to see her recent performances go viral for all of the wrong reasons as her Vegas debut approaches but we hope Mariah can prove everybody wrong - or hang up the mic, keep it in the studio and leave her legacy intact.

Do you think Mariah's new voice will impact her Vegas sales?