Mariah Carey Has Secret Concept For New Album


Mariah Carey won't reveal her upcoming album plans because someone might steal it.

Carey is making the rounds promoting her upcoming reality show, err, documentary series titled Mariah's World. During her bout with EW, Carey briefly opens up about her forthcoming studio album which will likely drop around the time her series debuts come December.

The LP is a work in progress.

“I’m taking a different approach with this record because I’m not holding myself to the studio like, ‘I’m making this album top to bottom.’ People don’t really do that anymore," Carey said. "Right now I’m writing and recording and collaborating, and then we’ll see what the best of the best is.”

Carey remained tight-lipped about the direction of the record.

“It’s a secret because then everybody steals the concept," she said. "I’m serious, it just happened to me like two months ago. I don’t want to go into it because then I’m gonna be shady.”

Mariah Carey? Shady? Never...

Watch the new trailer for Mariah's World below:


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