‘Man Of The Woods’ Gives Justin Timberlake His Lowest First-Week Sales Ever, But It Still Hit No. 1 Anyway


  • Kathy

    Well…more than Bruno Mars 24K….so I’m Ok with that and it’s #1

  • belladonnamadon

    This is a Britney site why are you trying to defend him? It’s Crazy! Lol JT was only successful because of his Stright White Male privilege artist like Bruno Mars,Usher & even Chris Brown had to work 10x harder to get half as far Bruno has bigger hits,Usher has sold more albums & Chris ( before he was canceled as well) could out dance JT any day. And you can try and spin his numbers any way you like but he flopped and JT is officially over & we will never hear from him again after this era. We have come to the point in Society where people like him & Trump are problematic & we’re done with it. Britney & Janet says Hi! Lol

    • Armando

      Honey, he flopped because the music is lackluster and this site is no longer a Britney site…goodbye…

  • Isobel R

    I like the album.

  • Marc

    This is the first JT album where I don’t even like 1 track. It’s boring as hell. But at least some ppl like it.

  • Armando

    What I don’t get is why Jordan has to try and downplay his success saying that it’s his lowing debut ever, when it still sold more than Britney’s last effort, yet he’s got nothing but praise for her.

    Double standard?


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