Major Lazer Featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR And Nicki Minaj – “Run Up” Video

Major Lazer's new Paul, Luc and Martin-directed visual for "Run Up" featuring Nicki Minaj and PARTYNEXTDOOR is a commentary on today's life with smart phones.

We're all guilty of it: compulsively clearing each notification as they incessantly trickle in throughout the day. That's the premise behind Major Lazer's new video. It mostly shows Nicki Minaj being ~Nicki Minaj~, except she's filming / watching herself the entire time on her iPhone. Same for everyone attending the house party she's at; couples kiss, dance and grind all while staring at their mobile devices.

“The idea was to laugh at ourselves and at the unconditional love we bear to our smartphones,” say the directors Paul, Luc and Martin of the video. “Humor and absurdity came naturally in our speech because our will was not to accuse someone or something but just exaggerate it to foster reflection.”


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