Madonna To Feature on Major Lazer’s Album

Madonna to Feature on Major Lazor's Album

Madonna and Diplo are set to go another round as they pair up again for the latter's forthcoming album.

Full-time Taylor Swift hater, part-time producer Diplo sat down alongside Major Lazer contributors, Walshy Fire and Jillionaire, to have a chat about the June release of their next LP, 'Peace Is the Mission' and sort-of confirmed that the Material Girl herself would being making an appearance on the record.

In a recent interview, Diplo and team opened up about their upcoming project and whilst they had some interesting enough things to share about the recording of the album, playing live and avoiding the internet, the most exciting news concerned "Living For Love" diva, Madonna:

"Yeah she would love to [be on a Major Lazer track.] She did a dubplate for us and I think 'Unapologetic Bitch' was a Major Lazer idea that we just wrote real quick and she loved it so it came out as one of her songs."

It's unsurprising to hear that "Unapologetic Bitch" was originally a Major Lazer demo as it sounds a little out of place on the mostly brilliant 'Rebel Heart' and it's equally unsurprising that Madonna may make an appearance on 'Peace Is the Mission'. Also slated to pop-up on Kanye West's forthcoming record, Madonna's making the rounds in terms of featured roles - perhaps hoping that by lending her brand to other artists she'll be able to boost sales for her currently under-performing 13th studio album.

The dubplate that Diplo spoke of in the interview recently premiered in full on his Radio 1 Xtra show in the UK, but you can hear the exciting bit here.

Whether this will help Madonna regain some much-deserved relevancy on the 2015 pop scene remains to be seen but in theory it can't hurt to try.

What do you think of Madonna + Major Lazor? Recipe for success or disaster?