Madonna Responds to Radio 1 Ban with Surprising Grace

Taking to Instagram, as is her wont, the Material Girl had this to say about reports that her fans are ‘mad’ about the ban:

For M, managing to retain her composure throughout a PR breakdown is certainly nothing new in the grand scheme of things, but it isn’t a skill she’s managed to exhibit too often during the innumerable ‘Rebel Heart’ screw-ups. After blaming her fans for initial photo leaks back in November (ah, for simpler times) and then comparing the first multi-track leak to “artistic rape” and “terrorism,” there have been some fairly monumental missteps in the crisis management of this record.

Not this time though; Madonna has well and truly come out of this Radio 1 debacle looking like the bigger person. Taking the time to thank her fans sends a clear message that she knows of the snub and is not happy about it, but she doesn’t feel the need to dirty her hands by engaging in the debate. Plus she said everything she had to say to Jonathan Ross twenty-something years ago, as she observed on Instagram last night. It’ll be interesting to see if the topic comes up in her newest interview with Ross which is being filmed this week.

Ultimately, however, there are no winners here. Not Radio 1, as their not-so-secret identity as a bunch of elitist, hipster nonsense-pushers is exposed; not Madonna, as “Living For Love” suffers on both sides of the pond from a lack of radio acknowledgement; and certainly not the fans, both new, old and unconverted, who aren’t getting to experience some of Madge’s best work in a very, very long time.

What do you think? Is ‘Rebel Heart’ shaping up to be a lost cause?