Madonna Performed “Borderline” On The Tonight Show Because Hell Yea


Randomly, Madonna gave a performance of her 1983 hit "Borderline" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon which aired on Thursday.

Perhaps the Queen was using the opportunity to make face time with the current POTUS, but we're not complaining about a surprise performance of a classic from a classic.

Despite not having any album to promote, Madonna can't stay away from the stage, and we love her for it. She recently performed a Prince tribute at the Billboard Music Awards, now most recently a one-off hit that steers clear of anything Rebel Heart.

Madonna charged through the performance, taking center stage to belt out the hit taken from her debut self-titled album. During the song, there were no shenanigans, but all that changed when she summoned Jimmy Fallon over at the end. Madge gracefully dropped to the floor and told the late night host: “Push me over the borderline," she said. "Push me!” She then proceeded to literally roll off the stage.

Watch below:

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