M.I.A. Premieres Music Video For Her Skrillex-Produced Song “Go Off”


UPDATE // JULY 15: M.I.A. says her upcoming album A.I.M., out Sep. 9, will be her last.

“It’s my last record, so I just want it to be happy, and there’s no complaints on it,” she said during her phone call into Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show. “I want time to go and do some other stuff. I’m sure I’ll put music out and make music, but as an album it kind of just came together. I started making it after I made ‘Borders,’ and it just seemed to write itself very quickly.”

The rapper also describes the sound as "clean."

She also mentions a music video for the song, but odds are it'll be minimalistic. “I am not messing with human beings right now,” she explained. Same.

That's a lot to digest, so in the mean time catch her new music video for "Go Off" below:


A day after M.I.A. threatened to leak her new album, a press release leaked claiming the record is titled A.I.M. and debuts Sep. 9.

M.I.A. said she was sick of "big American artists" appropriating her work and her "refugee sentiments" and was "on the verge" of leaking her upcoming LP in light of the drama surrounding her headlining performance at Afropunk and her comments on the Black Lives Matter movement. It appears the traditional LP rollout is back on track, because the singer's album plans have hit the net.

According to the new materials, expect to hear her new single "Go Off" this Friday:


"[I realized] you can make a record that's happy about surviving and not constantly talk about fight," she said earlier this year. "At the end of the day, I feel like—maybe this is totally gibberish to everyone—but it's probably better to remind people about survival than it is about the moment you go to battle. Because that's just a moment."

Back in May, M.I.A. also reveal the record has 12 songs. "I had to take the Disney thing off," she said at one point, revealing a Lion King sample that almost made the cut. "I put "Galang" on it instead, I sampled myself. I wanted to say, 'Whatever, I can't get Lion King, I'm gonna use my own song! That way no one can stop it."

In addition to "Go Off," M.I.A. has also dropped songs for "Rewear It," "Temple," "Boom ADD" and "Borders."

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