Lynne Spears: I Never Gave An Interview

I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and was still skeptical (see article below) that Lynne actually did give an interview to Life & Style, and my suspicions, apparently, were correct. According to OK!, who have a close relationship with Lynne, are claiming the Life & Style interview is bullshit: "A tabloid magazine has just been published, claiming on its cover to have an "Exclusive Interview" with Lynne Spears. But Britney and Jamie Lynn's mom did not talk to the rag. The magazine claims that in this so-called exclusive interview, Lynne admitted to being upset about 17-year-old Jamie Lynn's pregnancy..." this was "anything but the truth."

Lynne's spokesperson released a statement saying: "When Lynne Spears is ready to give an interview I can assure you it will be a true account without speculation as to whether or not she participated."

Good. I'm glad. If true.

And unfortunately, the picture above, is 3 years old.