Lucas Lucco and Pabllo Vittar Get Sensual In The “Paraíso” Music Video

Pabllo Vittar

  • Liberatti Coral

    I doesn’t represent more than 200 millions Brazilians as is supposedly… It’s garbage,trash,rubbish….. Brazil is much more than that.

    • Nico

      Of course this video doesn’t represent “more than 200 million Brazilians”, what are you talking about! I’m sure that wasn’t the intention either. Just enjoy it for what it is… IF you like watching hot and almost completely naked bodies on the beach, that is.
      As for the song, I think it wasn’t rushed as production goes, that’s for sure, so I wouldn’t say it’s “garbage.”
      PS: ANY RECOMMENDATIONS? Give us some tips as to what Brazilian artists to follow 🙂

  • Shane AS

    damn hes hot

  • Nico

    Daaaaaaaaaamn………….. I need some ice.
    I already knew Pabllo but had no idea about Lucas…..which I’m already following on Instagram, of course haha


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