Lorde Has Started Work On Her Second Album

"For me I have to kind of write a project lyrically before I attack it musically. So I’ve written a lot of amazing stuff and I’m just tentatively starting to make it music."

Humility is clearly a lost art...

Speaking to MTV on the red carpet for last night's Golden Globes, the "Tennis Court" star also revealed that she isn't in any rush to release new music, revealing:

"I have no timeline. I really don’t care."

As petulant as the statement is, I agree with the sentiment. It's probably a good thing Lorde isn't rushing this because she's become undeniably over-exposed just recently. Between literally slamming every other artist in the industry, living or dead; her high-profile BFF-ness with Taylor Swift and being overplayed on the radio (which is, to be fair, a symptom of making damn good music, so I'm not mad about that) she runs the risk of the public getting sick of her. Plus, 'Pure Heroine' will be a tough act to follow so the more time she puts into her second album the better, in my opinion.

What do you think? You ready for more Lorde or does she need to take a break?