Lola Blanc Wants To Believe In “The Magic”


Something is hiding in the pantry.

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Lola Blanc, who wrote Britney Spears' "Ooh La La," premieres her spooky, reggae and jazz-infused new song "The Magic." The song is about fleeting faith, cynicism and the loss of childlike wonder. There's no shortage of mystical powers wandering through Lola's fantastical world she drummed up for the tune, which lands on her upcoming debut EP.

“Like a rabbit pulled from a hat / Or that any true love can last / Can you help me to see it? / ‘Cause I want to believe in the magic…”

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The song centers around Lola's personal struggle to believe in the divine, the mystical, the spiritual — her bewitching vocals hover above bouncy piano flourishes, punctuating each electronic beat with her desire for something-ever-after.


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