“Living For Love” Gets The Remix Treatment and the Year of Madonna Begins

The Djemba Djemba remix is very true to Diplo’s original production, following the house-inspired tone and soaring piano riffs, but adding a jumping glitchy beat and synth melodies which do put a slightly different spin on the track. The remix is good, solidly produced and with a robust identity, but realistically isn’t going to change any lives – with such a dance-friendly sound, a huge, pounding club remix is in order to really propel the track out of the hands of longtime fans and into a new audience.

And that seems like the key here – "Living For Love" clearly has the ability to reintroduce Madonna to a wider group of spectators, after her appeal in the eyes of the general public has wilted to unprecedented lows in the last four or five years. The track is radio friendly without pandering, it feels current but not desperate (I’m looking at you, "Girl Gone Wild") and most importantly it feels like a Madonna song.

But I’m not giving up (I’m gonna carry on), it seems extremely unlikely that this’ll be the last "Living For Love" remix we see, especially with Madonna confirming that MNEK will be featuring on an upcoming rework (excuse me while I shake and cry.) It’s been a messy, messy era so far for Madonna but the simple fact is this - we’ve heard the music and it’s good. It’s really, really good.

So Madge: don’t screw this up! Promote HARD, release some more innovative remixes, download security software for your laptop and for the love of all things good in this world, get the f**k off of Instagram.