Listen to Kanye West’s Scrapped Single “All Day”

February 5 2015, 9:48 am

"Only One" and "FourFiveSeconds" are considerably mellower than the brassy, eclectic noise of his last album but a demo of "All Day" proves it wasn't always Kanye's plan to become a folk singer.

The demo of "All Day" we can hear continues the boastful lyricism and warped production from "Yeezus" and despite being low-quality the potential for another huge rap record is undeniable.

It's possible that we may never hear the album Kanye had waiting for us but he could return to this sound just as quickly as he stripped back to his current acoustic fetish. Either way, we might not be hearing it for a while as Mr Kardashian-West told Ellen: "We're still trying to find the vibe -- the transition from what I felt when I did "Yeezus" to what I feel now [..] we're still creating."

Check out "All Day" below.

Which do you prefer: Yeezus or Kanye with a guitar?