LISTEN: Marina and the Diamonds Drops This Month’s Froot, “Forget”

The track is another slice of Marina's trademark brand of ethereal sounding classic pop and one that's bound to please fans of her last effort, 'Electra Heart.' Whilst the first four cuts from 'Froot' were decidedly more similar to debut album 'The Family Jewels,' "Forget" features melodies more akin to album tracks "Fear And Loathing" and "Teen Idle" and showcases a much more upbeat instrumental.

It also helps to cement the new lyrical direction the "Obsessions" star has adopted for this record. The theme of 'Froot' would appear to be rebirth and reinvention and Marina is slowly but surely distancing herself from the depressive motifs that littered her first two LPs. Speaking to The Line of Best Fit last year, she revealed:

"I think I used to believe that being depressed was part of my personality or that I was born like that, but it's quite shocking to realise that perhaps that isn't the case."

Good news, I'm sure you'll agree.

"Forget" is one of the strongest cuts we've heard from 'Froot' so far and does nothing to damage the promise that this album will be Marina's strongest effort yet, and quite possibly one of the best albums of 2015.

What do you think? How does this month's froot taste to you?