Listen: Beyoncé Keeps It Coming On New “Blow” Remix

January 2 2015, 10:24 am

This shit is fiiyyah! It's sound is original and gives the song a whole new spin a year after its debut.

As far as the remix, it is EDM, because that is what pussies pop to in 2015. I mean come on, who wants to turn up to an acoustic version of anything? It isn't overdone, and really just makes the song fresh again. "Blow" is definitely a fan favorite, so a stellar remix is welcome. That new verse though? It's everything.

I hear the sound of the wrapper comin' off/ yeah the wrapper kicking off comin' off of your love/ Lickin' on that lollipop yeah the wrapper comin' off.../ I hope you're ready for this jelly got this fire in my belly...'

It's probably going to be a minute before we're treated to another Beyoncé album, so soak up every last drop.

Take a listen for yourselves:

Can you feel your wrapper comin' off?

Listen: Beyoncé Keeps It Coming On New