Liam Payne’s New Song “Bedroom Floor” Should Have Been His Lead Single

Liam Payne’ new song “Bedroom Floor” is a bedroom banger.

Let’s address the headline. I stand by it. I’m aware “Strip That Down” performed well chart-wise for the singer’s first solo cut (it landed a Top 10 position on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 3 in the UK), but I personally could not get into it. “Bedroom Floor” on the other hand? A bop! We have Charlie Puth, Steve Mac Noel Zancanella, Ammar Malik, Aaron Jennings and J Kash to thank for cooking up such a delicious song. The production is light and Drake-esque (that’s a compliment).

“Baby heard you’ve been talking about me lately,” Payne croons. “Telling all your friends how much you hate me / But who you calling up when you get lonely?”

“I’m so excited to finally release this song,” Liam said in a statement. “I’ve been working on it for a while and am really happy with how it sounds. It’s a bit different from what you’ve heard from me before, but helps to show where I’m going with my album. It’s very important to me to keep challenging myself, to keep pushing into new areas.”

Listen below:

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