Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby. Nick Jonas Opens Up About That Purity Ring And The End of the Jonas Brothers

Speaking to the ladies today, Nick was asked about where he stands on the purity ring now and had this to say on the topic:

It's important for anyone to grow, the thing that was strange for me was the emphasis on my sex life at 14, it's a crazy thing. I've seen a lot of my peers struggle with media attention on things that are very personal and that was one. I had the time outside of the public eye to develop my own belief system and figure out what is important to me and what I believe in relation to sex and God and all those kind of things, you do as you grow up and now I'm happy, I'm a man and I do what men do.

He sheds a light on the totally ridiculous and puritanical practice of asking children, who have barely hit puberty, to make a public and permanent promise to remain a virgin until marriage under the guise of purity. I could sit here and rant about about how problematic, damaging and actually dangerous this can be for kids and the adults they grow up to become, but Nick seems to have turned out okay and is very much taking the high road, so I will too. Plus, "I'm a man and I do what men do" - yes you are, Mr Jonas, and I bet you do.

He also had words to say regarding the split of former brother-trio:

It was tricky when it happened. I initiated the conversation to address some inauthenticities about the group and the ways we had been rolling for the last couple of years and we reached the end of that chapter and we wanted to secure that our family life would be solid amidst the business which was part of it. It was tough, very tough. At first it was a little shocking because I was so transparent. I shared my heart with them which is important... Once we got into the conversation, a couple of hours in, we all realised it was the right thing.

I'd be interested to know what "inauthenticities" the former tween heartthrobs had to deal with, but it's commendable that the split seems to have been at least partially concerned with the maintenance of a good family life, which surely has to come first. It's hardly shocking that Nick was the one to initiate the split - as the baby of the band, and easily the best looking (sorry Joe,) he stood the most chance of landing a legitimate solo career. A solo career which is something that his brothers have yet to achieve, although frankly they appear not to have tried.

He finished up by claiming:

Now we're solid and as loving as we've ever been and we do our own things within that.

Which is nice, isn't it?

Anyone who's shocked that the Miss Universe dating 22 year old has had sex needs to re-evaluate their relationship with reality, so none of what Nick's said here is particularly revolutionary. It is nice to see that he's taking a certain level of ownership over his past without dismissing it, though, especially as we begin to see him as a pop entity all in his own right.

What do you think? Shocked that the former JoBro has lost his V-card?