Let PISS-OFF! Kick Off Your Weekend With Two Slick Remixes: BreatheHeavy Premiere


Don't worry about what's next, baby.

Brooklyn-based electro/hip hop duo Daniel a.k.a. Gumball Eyeball and Anika Trujillo of PISS-OFF! dropped two dope remixes for you to jam to today (July 8). They include glitchy tinkering to "Lunch $ (BangInclude Remix)" and one for "Techno Viking (Alcala Remix)," and they premiere exclusively on BreatheHeavy.

The group was started in 2012 when Eyeball posted on Craigslist that he was interested in starting a band. Cue Trujillo. The pair released an album titled Perfect is for Amateurs (which is available on iTunes here) and decided re-work two of them for their new project Perfect is for Remixes.

What inspired the remixes?
Anika: Well it kind of snowballed on us, we played this killer house party & our good friend BangInclude was there rocking out with us, we played lunch $ and I just remember hearing him yell out “oh Sh*t!” during one part of it. We were talking after the set and he just was like “I am gonna remix that song”. Before we knew it, we had a EP.

Daniel: After BangInclude, Alcala said he wanted to remix Techno Viking in a way that repeated us chanting the viking’s name over and over. Techno Viking is about summoning that techno power in all of us, and when I listen to his track I feel the buldging of muscles I didn’t even know I had.

How did you go about making it?
Daniel: We are a live electronic dance band - we play music on stage by banging on our synthesizers and singing on top of it all, but for the remixes we handed control over to the DJ masters. These are genius knob flippers who could make rooms dance to the sounds of rats fighting, and they seem to have had a good time with our tracks.

Anika: We let the DJs pick what song they liked best, sent em the stems & then sat back & ate some pizza while they did their thing. I think we definitely bring the crazy out of people so it was way easier & more fun than I expected.

What do you want people to take away from it?
Daniel: this music should grab you, shake you, make you dance and wet your pants.

Anika: yea, same! I want people to sweat out their hairdo and in general have their mind blown by our awesomeness.

PISS‐OFF! will be​ releasing more music​, videos and performing throughout the summer and beyond.​ Be sure to check out their debut album on Spotify and iTunes, keep an eye out for the EP when it drops and catch PISS‐OFF! on tour.

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