Legend! Britney’s Piece Of Me Tour Almost Entirely Sold Out, New Dates Added


  • @brocklovesgreys

    Okay, but tbh, this was obviously the goal. You don’t schedule a tour for one of the world’s most popular acts who hasn’t tour the country in ten years in a limited number of small theatres. Arenas, stadiums. Come on, people. Don’t act surprised.

  • Nico

    This is sad news….. 🙁
    A tour of our favourite artist should be a time for celebration, not a moment of stress and fighting for tickets, let alone spending SO much money… Lately I’m not attending many concerts for this exact reason. Not because I couldn’t pay for an “official” ticket, but because they are harder and harder to get, and when you finally do, it’s usually overpriced… 🙁

  • singletear

    yasss germany is still not sold. I got paid today this is good to hear( for me)

  • Codee Wade

    Im going. I seen her once a year in Vegas and she’ll be in hollywood florida for 3 nights! I will do anything for the queen of pop.


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