Lana Del Rey Will Steal Your Heart With Unreleased Song “Resistant”

September 6 2016, 12:49 pm


Lana Del Rey is sugary sweet on "Resistant."

Del Rey is persistently plagued by song leaks this year, and yet another one from the cutting room floor makes it to the Internet. The latest is one co-written by the Honeymoon singer and Longpigs frontman Crispin Hunt and was likely produced in the same sessions as "Every Man Gets His Wish."

Del Rey finds herself singing about the shiniest parts of love in the uppity track. "Oh honey when you call me I want to stay on the telephone for hours just to get ya home," she sings. "Oh sugar when you call me after school. I see your smile and I could run a methampheta-mile."

She also croons about the downsides: Loving you's like loving a hurricane, I'm tired of all the mess you make, all the hearts you break," she continues. "Loving you's like loving a dirty bomb, you're blowing up. All the cash I'm paid, all the love we made."

Listen below:

A full demo of another song titled "Children Of A Bad Revolution " also leaked (clips of this one have circulated on the net for several years).

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