Lana Del Rey Wanted To Record The James Bond Theme Song

Lana Del Rey NME

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The Name Is Del Rey... Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is no stranger to lending her whimsical voice to movie soundtracks. In part because her breathy coos fit perfectly over any slow motion action scene, but mainly because she loves to deliver.

She tells NME magazine she would have liked to contribute a song for the film, possibly even the theme song, but was never approached. Instead, we're handed Sam Smith's melancholy effort, and now we're just bitter.

"I would’ve done it if I was asked but I wasn’t asked," she said. "I love all of the Bond music that’s been put out over the years and I love soundtracks in general. There are a couple of songs on this record that have a Bond feel like ‘24’ and ‘Swan Song’."

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