Lana Del Rey Confirms Radiohead Is Suing Her For Copyright Infringement

Lana Del Rey

  • Elias Mrtz

    I hope Radiohead gets nothing. Just barely sounds alike.

  • Jrocka

    You can barely notice the difference and 💀 @ them wanting 100% royalties 😑 I hope Lana wins this and get this thrown out

  • ᏴᎡᎪℕ ⛓

    so lana’s getting sued but sam smith’s midnight train is a literal copy and paste of creep but he’s in the clear……………………….. ok

  • ᏴᎡᎪℕ ⛓

    ALSOOOOOO radiohead got sued for similarities between creep and another song ‘The Air I Breathe” how are you gunna sue lana for allegedly copying a song that you copied yourself?! i hate these dudes omg delete the video embed don’t give them streams lmaoooo


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