Lady Gaga Shares Heartwarming Video For The Piano Version Of “Joanne”: Watch


  • Jordan

    I’m crying

    • Leo Lane

      Stop acting like you have feelings girl.

    • Nico

      *hands in tissue*


  • Aaron Coleman

    Of all of our pop stars throughout history, Gaga is a force to be reckoned with. She pushes boundaries, she takes risks, she’s a master of entertainment both singing, dancing and acting. She plays the piano like boys play with our hearts. She is a creator god. This music video gave me nostalgic 70’s vibes. Amen sister, you’ve once again proven yourself as you always do time and time again. Thank you.🙏

    • Leo Lane

      Yet she hasn’t had a hit since 2011….

      • Cody James

        I am not sure what you consider a “hit”, but give her some credit. Applause was a hit, maybe not number 1, but still a hit. Also, Joanne performed well with little promo and allowed her to explore a personal side of music and show a wider audience that she has vocal chops.

  • Matthew Booth

    just….wow T__T

  • Isobel R

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous but I cant get past Gaga’s need to always play victim.

  • @brocklovesgreys


  • Samuel Rossen Diaz Stoyanova

    Crying. Thank you queen for this beautiful ballad <3


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