Lady Gaga’s New Super Bowl Halftime Show Promo Promotes Togetherness


Lady Gaga defines what "fandom" means and how it can be used to better the world.

It's been a tough year. We could all use a little pick-me-up before crossing the 2016 finish line, and fortunately Lady Gaga's new promo for her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show is just that.

Before you know it, Mother Monster will take the stage to perform a string of her greatest hits on the biggest stage in the world, and she's sharing a heartfelt promo to hype you up for it. In the new clip, Gaga gushes over her fans and explains how their unity is a powerful force.

“I guess that’s always been my dream, to bring people together through music,” she says. “I have the best fans ever. I don’t know what I did to deserve them but they are such a blessing to me.”

She says of fandom: "It can give somebody the courage to speak up or come out. Even turn a room full of strangers into a family for three hours on a Sunday," she says of the term in the new promo.


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