Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ Predicted To Sell 190,000 Opening Week And Debut At No. 1


Lady Gaga put forth the kind of pop record she wanted to, and her creative efforts paid off.

Gaga received a lot of flack from Internet commentators (and music critics alike) about the direction of her fifth studio album Joanne, but her instincts remain immaculate.

Not only is she predicted to open up next week at No. 1, she could sell upwards of 155-165k units (or 180-190K sales plus streaming).

To put things into perspective, 2013's ARTPOP also debuted at No. 1 with 258,000 copies, but the industry has changed tremendously with streaming in the last three years. Since that album, Gaga put forth a jazz album then incorporated country, rock, soul, folk and pop on Joanne. Gaga is making the kind of music she wants, and people can't get enough, and now we have the figures to prove it.

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